Mangoes: Health Benefits of Mangoes

The best season is back and there are few reasons for us to enjoy about it because This is a season of warmth,holidays sweat, and our favourite mangoes. We bet most of us are eagerly counting the days to caress the yellow, succulent beauty and ravage it until we are satisfied. We greedily grab mangoes to relish the toothsome fruit, but little do we know the numerous benefits this fruit has in store.

 Here is why all of us have been raving about the king of fruits –
  1. Prevents cancer

you immune to cancer if you consume mangoes everyday . Mangoes contain lots of antioxidant elements. Terpenoids,  polyphenols, carotenoids,  ascorbic acid and gallic acid which prevent breast,prostrate , colon and several kinds of cancer. It is filled with unique compounds that cannot be found in any other fruits. Mangiferin compound present in mangoes is another reason for the fruit’s anti-cancer properties. This compound inhibits the growth of cancer and tumour cells.

  1. Immunity booster by eating mangoes

It is a high source of  vitamin A and beta-carotone . These compounds improve your overall health and make you resistant to bacteria and viruses. They fight free radicals and prevent them from harming your organs, thus, reducing the probability of falling sick. A mango a day also keeps the doctor away.

3. Maintains cholesterol levels

Mangoes contain an increased level of Vitamin C and pectin that maintains cholesterol the right way. They are also a rich source of fibre that helps in cutting down unwanted cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein. Significant amount of potassium present in mangoes regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

4. Regulates diabetes

One can derive wholesome benefits from every part of the fruit as it is a powerhouse of nutrients. Majority of the people with diabetes are afraid to indulge in mangoes because of its sweet taste. But this sweet fruit is known to help you overcome diabetes. Being a rich source fibre and the presence of unique phytochemical like mangiferin, mangoes help in maintaining the level of blood sugar and glucose. Having a concoction of boiled mango leaves has proven to lower spiking sugar levels – a natural way to cure diabetes.

5. A pregnant woman’s saviour

Sufficient amount of iron is important during pregnancy. It is not only a rich source of Iron, but also Vitamins B6, A and C that are great for pregnant mothers and their baby. Iron also treats anemia, a common problem for women by increasing the count of red blood cells. Mangoes are a great way to satiate voracious cravings during pregnancy and to get the right amount of nutrients.

6.Enhances your sex life

Rightly called the aphrodisiac fruit, mangoes help in regulating sex hormones and boost sex drive. The presence of vitamin E helps in improving men’s virility and increases the production of histamine that’s cardinal for men to reach orgasm. The presence of potassium, magnesium and other vital nutrients boost libido. The combination of beta-carotene and vitamin A is known to prevent sperm damage.


  1. Aids in digestion

It is high time to make this fibrous fruit a significant member in your daily menu if you waste your precious time in the loo. Being a rich source of fibre, mangoes ease the digestion process and bowel movements. They relieve you from constipation, ulcers and other kind of gastrointestinal disorders. Enzymes in mangoes also help in breaking down carbohydrates and proteins. The next time your tummy feels funny, have an ample dose of mangoes.

  1. Helps in achieving flawless skin

Vitamins A, C, B6 and other nutrients present in mangoes make consuming them an ideal way for achieving healthy skin. Mangoes cleanse your body within and clear your pores, thereby, keeping acne and other skin problems at bay. It protects your skin from sun and oxidative damage. They improve the complexion and help in maintaining the youth and suppleness of the skin.

  1. Alkalizes your body

Maintenance of the right pH level of the body is important to stay healthy. Most importantly  It contains significant amounts of tartaric and malic acids and traces of citric acids as well. This helps in the maintenance of alkaline levels that prevent any damage to muscles, bones and kidneys. It also helps in quick transfer of oxygen to all parts of the body that keeps you energetic, fit and healthy.

  1. Memory booster

It is loaded with nutrients that improve your brain health. Besides,The presence of vitamin B6 plays an important role in enhancing brain function. Regular consumption of mangoes prevent oxidative stress and cell damage that in turn improves your memory, alertness and prevents any kind of brain disorder. Binge on a plate full of mangoes while you’re preparing for your exams and you are sure to be a topper.


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